851 Cherry Ave #34, San Bruno, CA

Kaili B.

Wow!! My favorite sushi restaurant in the area. It is the sister restaurant to ichika sushi house, but is very different in concept, hence the izakaya name. I actually think it is better than the sushi house. It is twice as much as it though, but I will say this place is better than nobu in terms of sushi.

The sushi is top tier. The sushi rice is really amazing and is some of the best I’ve had in a while. The fish is very fresh and very tasty. The sear on the chutoro adds a yummy texture and flavor. I order at least two every time I go- it’s my favorite. I also tried their sushi rolls which are very good as well. If you’ve ever been to sushi Maru in San Jose it’s comparable to their sushi rice. The only down side is they charge per nigiri piece. Each of them are about 5-10$ which is definitely on the expensive side.