Our Story

ICHIKA is inspired by Kaiseki, the highest form of fine dining in Japanese culture. It is a multi-course meal traditionally served at Japanese tea ceremonies. Flowers represent hospitality in Japanese culture. ICHIKA, meaning one thousand flowers in Japanese, is a place where you and your loved ones connect by sharing an unforgettable communal dining experience, made entirely possible by an ever-growing team at ICHIKA.

ICHIKA’s master chef Shinobu Sodeyama worked in Tokyo and San Francisco as a Japanese chef for 20+ years and as a French chef for 10 years. His unrelenting professionalism and unstoppable creativity is driving him to serve our honored guests with the freshest handpicked seasonal ingredients. Each course is prepared with the greatest attention to detail, presented as beautiful pieces of art that resemble natural elements, taking you on an incredible culinary journey. 

ICHIKA was originally founded in Brisbane, California by Irvin Liang and Detian Yu, later joined by architect and designer Kai Zhang, who studied architecture and interior design at Pratt Institute in New York. Kai, a devoted artist crafted the vision and design for ICHIKA Milpitas. The booths and the “horigotatsu” sunken seating create unique spaces for larger group of guests to gather and connect. The use of natural materials such as stone, Italian marble, and walnut tables hand-made locally in Oakland, the warmth of the lighting, the artisan decorations, booths and platforms built by Irvin and Kai themselves, all come together to create a modern and sophisticated ambience to complement the meal. We hope you enjoy your experience as much as we have to create it. ICHIKA offers a seasonal prix-fixe menu and is for reservations only.